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The Royal Art Society is a path of INITIATION. The Royal Art, or symbolic alchemy, is a 2000 year old tradition that has influenced great minds and nations throughout history. It is based on the idea of turning base metals into gold, which is a symbolic way of describing the path of the sages leading from ignorance and confusion to wisdom and illumination.

If you are ever bored, and you think seeking truth is important, you might as well learn about the hidden mysteries of eternity, this physical universe, and life on earth. Candidacy, the first level of membership, is free so you can decide whether the Royal Art Society is right for you.

The curriculum of the Royal Art Society is dispersed over three grades. Each grade lasts one year and is recognized with a ritual visualization. The course is self-taught, so there are no exams or other obligations.




No alchemist ever has transmuted base metal into gold or created an elixir that gives immortal life. Alchemy is not an operative art, it is purely speculative, or symbolic. True alchemy is the use of pseudo-scientific symbolism as an aid to meditation.

Once symbolism and ritual is transcended, and the quintessence of alchemy distilled, what is left is meditation and science. With meditation the mind knows oneness; with science the mind knows the many. When the mind is thus awakened, it is illumined to a sense of ultimate reality, aligning with the metaphorical All-Seeing Eye.

The Royal Art Society is centered on MEDITATION. Meditation based on ANCIENT TRADITION is the hub of an evidence-based worldview. The Royal Art, or symbolic alchemy, is the spiritual heart of critical thinking, SCIENCE and secular morality. Our ethics reflect our international heritage of universal human rights.





All are welcome to this authentic and dedicated social network that will stay connected online. There are three grades of initiation which incrementally divulge the Mysteries of the Western Esoteric Tradition as well as the wisdom of the East.

The founders found it necessary to create this online community in order to preserve and transmit the inner teachings of the masters of wisdom in a fast-paced global society. The need and the solution are simple.

Not everyone is suited to the lifestyle of a monk. People today have less leisure time and less desire to associate in private clubs and fraternities than they had one hundred years ago. However, the power and allure of the secret doctrine is eternal, and those in possession of it are bound by sacred duty to make it available to sincere and worthy seekers. The instruction and methods are simple.

This is a well-researched and efficient path of transmission of traditional esoteric knowledge and power. It is designed to serve a large and diverse world population in a fun, interesting and enlightening way. Accessibility made simple.

No huge membership fees, no need to drive back and forth to and from lodge, no small talk, and no funny hats. The Royal Art Society is truly for anyone who has an interest in the ancient art of symbolic alchemy and how it is being practiced today.







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