Table of Contents

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Book of the Royal Art

Table of Contents



Volume I


Candidate’s Introduction

The Royal Art

About the Royal Art Society

Membership Levels: Synopsis of Royal Art Society Grades

Ancient Indian Alchemy

Chinese Alchemy

Origins of Western Alchemy Part I: The Mysteries and Science

Origins of Western Alchemy Part II: Magic and Science

The Western Mystery Tradition: Neoplatonism, Hermeticism, and Kabbalah

The Science of Symbolic Alchemy

The Laboratory Temple & Experimental Alchemy


Royal Art Society Candidate: Grade Nothing

Candidate Investiture: Rite of Manifestation (I. Calcination)

Candidate’s Handbook: Earth Alchemy Part I

Candidate’s Handbook: Earth Alchemy Part II

Candidate’s Handbook: Earth Alchemy Part III

The Elixir of the All-Seeing Eye of the Royal Art Society: Rite of the Immortal Empire, Inner Temple and Holy Throne (VII. Coagulation)


The Apprentice

Grade of Earth: Rite of Formation (II. Dissolution and III. Separation)


The Apprentice Alchemist’s Handbook

The Early Alchemists of the West

The Muslim Alchemists

The Liberal Arts and Freemasonry

Medieval European Alchemy

The Medieval Hermetic-Kabbalistic Tradition and Rosicrucianism

Alchemy in Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism

Alchemy and the Birth of Modern Science – Page Under Construction

Alchemy in Three Hermetic Orders: G.’,D.’., O.T.O. and A.’.A.’.

The Original 1776 Bavarian Illuminatenordes: The Order of the Illuminati Part I

The Original 1776 Bavarian Illuminatenordes: The Order of the Illuminati Part II



Volume II


The Alchemist

Grade of Man (Homo Sapiens) Elixir of the Feast of the Leaves of the Tree of Life or Rite of Creation (IV. Conjunction and V. Fermentation)

Part I. Spring

Part II. Summer

Part III. Autumn

Part IV. Winter


Master Alchemist’s Handbook: Guide for the Master Alchemist

Part 1: Intellect and Memory (Worldview and Mnemonic Map)

Part 2: Understanding (Refers to MetaHub in Volume IV)

Part 3: Wisdom (The “Hyperbiospheread Part I of II”)



Volume III


Book of the Mage or Immortal’s Handbook

The Seven Seals; Mysticism; Embracing the One

Ritual Magick and Mysticism

Ancient Conceptions of Spirit and Deity

Royal Art Society Third Degree Mysticism, Metaphysics and Magick

The Hyperbiospheread Part II of II


The Immortal or Illuminatus

Grade of Heaven: Alchemical Immortality or Rite of Emanation (VI. Distillation)



Volume IV


Experimental Alchemy of the Royal Art Society

Part 1. The Great Work: Alchemy, the Science of Life (Scientific Studies)

  • Holistic Health
  • Chemistry Fundamentals for Alchemy
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Geology & the History of Metals
  • Chemistry & Metallurgy in Industry
  • Climatology & Biology
  • Ecology, Economics & Politics
  • Technology


Part 2. Theory and Practice

  • Logic
  • The Philosophy of Science
  • The Five Steps of the Scientific Method
  • Experimental Alchemy Theory of the Observer
  • The New Science is Advanced Philosophical Technology
  • Theories of the New Science
  • The Order of Science and Science Abbey
  • The Secular Humanist Science Political Party


Part 3. MetaHub (Outline: Comprehensive and Organized Taxonomy)



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