Consecration of a Temple of the Royal Art

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Master of Ceremonies:


“Whereas any religious house, hospital, school or other fit structure may be consecrated to the Great Work of the Royal Art, so that Light may be extended therein, may this peaceful communion rite duly mark the illumination of this temple.”


Let the Master of Ceremonies ignite a torch before the front door of the edifice and circle the property, pausing at each of the eight cardinal directions to bow, facing the central building.


“We consecrate this laboratory to the Great Work in the name of the Royal Art.”


A certificate may be signed, dated and presented on a wall to commemorate the consecration of the alchemical temple:


This Building is a Temple of Internal Alchemy


Let it be known that this house was consecrated a temple of symbolic alchemy according to the official rites of the Royal Art Society on this _____ day of ____, ____ (year).


Signed _________________ (Master of Ceremonies)



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