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Elixir of the All-Seeing Eye

The Elixir of the All-Seeing Eye of the Royal Art Society: Rite of the Immortal Empire, Inner Temple and Holy Throne     All of the steps of the Alchemist’s Curriculum can be used to meditate or celebrate with ritual. Although ritual and mysticism are the particular focuses of the seventh and final step, it […]

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How to Register as a Candidate

To join the Royal Art Society as a Candidate is FREE. There are no obligations or terms. We believe in a safe, healthy process to build community. In order to allow us to continue our mission, please contribute a donation of your choice, if you feel so inclined. Each of the three grades, should the […]

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Consecration of a Temple of the Royal Art

  Master of Ceremonies:   “Whereas any religious house, hospital, school or other fit structure may be consecrated to the Great Work of the Royal Art, so that Light may be extended therein, may this peaceful communion rite duly mark the illumination of this temple.”   Let the Master of Ceremonies ignite a torch before […]

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