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The Western Mystery Tradition: Neoplatonism, Hermeticism, and Kabbalah

    The Western Mystery Tradition   The eight interconnected systems within the Western Mystery Tradition are: the ancient Mysteries, Neoplatonism, Hermetic philosophy, symbolic alchemy, Kabbalah, early and Renaissance magic, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry and related fraternal organizations. These eight systems all describe the story of the unfolding of the cosmos as a progressive degeneration of cosmic […]

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How to Register as a Candidate

To join the Royal Art Society as a Candidate is FREE. There are no obligations or terms. We believe in a safe, healthy process to build community. In order to allow us to continue our mission, please contribute a donation of your choice, if you feel so inclined. Each of the three grades, should the […]

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Candidate’s Introduction Part V: Origins of Western Alchemy: Magic and Science

  The Dark Ages of Christian Europe   This article is a short introduction to the relationship between magic, alchemy, science and religion. It takes just a very brief peek at the dark side of the Christian religion in regards freedom of thought and scientific advancement. The modern alchemist will note the holistic nature of […]

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Candidate’s Introduction Part IV: Origins of Western Alchemy: The Mysteries and Science

  The “Black Art” of Alexandria, Egypt   ‘Alchemy’ means literally the ‘black art,’ because the word ‘alchemy’ is ultimately derived from the Egyptian khem, ‘black.’ Egypt referred to itself anciently as Khem or the ‘black land,’ for the fertile black soil irrigated by the Nile River, which supported crops to sustain human life, in […]

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